ITU World Telecommunication / ICT Indicators

A collection of key telecommunication/ICT indicators for about 200 economies worldwide, covering: 1) statistics on telecommunication/ICT infrastructure and access and 2) statistics on access to and use of ICTs by households and individuals.

The data are collected directly from governments by means of annual questionnaires sent to the agency in-charge of telecommunications/ICT and to the national statistical offices. The data are verified and harmonized to ensure international comparability and compliance with international standards as outlined in the ITU Handbook for the Collection of Administrative Data on Telecommunications/ICT, the Core list of ICT indicators developed by the Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development and the ITU Manual for Measuring ICT Access and Use by Households and Individuals.

ITU World Telecommunication / ICT Regulatory Information

The information and communication technology (ICT) sector is in the midst of remarkable transformation fuelled by a combination of technological, market, policy and regulatory developments. The market and technological developments are exerting pressure on the current regulatory framework. How will regulation change?

The regulatory data is collected first-hand from ITU Member State administrations via an annual regulatory survey, which dates back to 1994. The survey covers a wide range of ICT policy and regulatory issues and allows to track the latest ICT trends and evolutions. Each year the survey is adapted in order to reflect changes in the sector.

ITU ICT Tariff Policies

This selection tracks and shows trends in the application of national tariff policies worldwide - the information related to price regulation of telecommunication/ICT services, costs and tariff models applied by National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) for wholesale (rates paid between operators) and retail tariffs (paid by consumers), broadband pricing strategies, taxation issues, roaming and much more.

The data is collected annually from National Regulatory Authorities worldwide. Each year the survey is adapted to reflect the rapid changing market conditions. This survey is managed by the ITU/BDT.